Inspection of fire extinguisher and emergency system for ships


Inspection of fire extinguisher and emergency system of ships

  1. Our company is certified and authorized by the following class.
    Certified Classification NK/ABS/BV
    *We have well trained and competent licensed technicians to carry out the inspections.
  2. Inspection offered

    Inspection and maintenance (HPT/REFILL)for self contained breathing apparatus

    Inspection and refill chemicals and hydro pressure test for portable fire extinguisher

    Inspection of CO2/ Fire extinguishing system for ventilation test/ Start valve open test

    Analysis for chemical of foam fire extinguishing system

    Inspection for a <smoke, heat, flame> fire deduction and alarm system

    Inspection and maintenance(HPT / REFILL)for EEBD

  3. Business area
    ・China, Republic of the Philippines and the others


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