Privacy Policy


Private Information Use

Private information shall be used only in the range of consent obtained from the customer.


Collection Range of Private Information

It should be the range of information which was collected through our business activity and provided service and also which can identify an individual.


Control of Private Information

Private information collected from the customer shall be controlled with rational safety measures.


Supply of Private Information to Third-Party

Private information shall not be supplied to third-party unless otherwise agreed from the customer and stipulated by law.


Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of Private Information

If any disclosure, correction or deletion of private information is requested from the customer, we will respond quickly

after confirming the requesting party is in fact the customer in question.


Access Information

Please be advised that we might obtain access log information in order to provide a better service in our website.

※  This is not intended to identify the customer's private information.



In our website, cookies are used partially for your comfortable use.

The cookies themselves can not identify a specific party, so they are not considered as private information. 

※ Depending on the browser setting, the user can decide to deny cookies.