Non-destructive inspection UT・RT・PT・MT


Ultrasonic Testing  Radiographic Testing  Penetrant Testing

Magnetic Particle Testing  Leak Testing


Ultrasonic Testing

We conduct ultrasonic testing for various welding,pipeline of boiler tube. 


  • Objective
    To detect location and size of internal defect, using echo uttering by the ultrasoic equipment. 
  • Our achievements 
    Maintenance for engine parts
    Inspection for quality of welding
    Ultrasonic testing for building structures
    Thickness measurement for pipelines
    CIW approved by Japan welding engineering society
    Special Survey / Intermediate Survey


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Radiographic Testing

We conduct radiographic testing for new ships, ship repairs, welding parts of ships, pressurized container and high pressure pipes , welding parts of buildings and casting. 


  • Objective 
    We conduct radiographic testing for inside defects of materials and weldings with diographic images in order to make sure it's quality. 
  • Our achievements 
    Radiographic testing for new ships and ship repairs
    Radiographic testing for welding of pipes


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Penetrant Testing

We conduct penetrant testing for the inside tank, boiler tubes and turbine blade.


  • Objective 
    We confirm the quality, having detected damages with penetrant and developer.
  • Our achievements 
    Penetrant testing for the inside tank of chemical tanker
    Penetrant testing for welding parts of buildings (LNG pipes)
    Penetrant testing for boiler tubes
    Penetrant testing for leakage of pipes


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Magnetic Particle Testing

We conduct magnetic particle testing for the inside tank, the inside boiler, welding of the pipe, engine and the others . 


  • Objective 
    To confirm the quality, having detected the surface and damages of surface part in artificial magnetic field. 
  • Our achievements 

    Magnetic particle testing for tanks of LPG ship

    Magnetic particle testing for tanks of chemical plants

    Magnetic particle testing for boiler tubes

    Magnetic particle testing for engine parts


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Leak Testing

We conduct leak testing for inside tank, inside boiler, welding place of pipes and the others. 


  • Vaccum Testing
  • Objective 
    We can detect the leakage, having observed gas leaking from the damages by using vacuum testing on inspection place. 
  • Our achievements 
    Leakage testing for welding of new ships
    Color parts of the tightness, the tightness of the corner


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